1. Foundation Digs
    Foundation Digs
    Foundation excavation for buildings from 3000 ft2 to 20,000 ft2
  2. Road Building
    Road Building
    Road building and site grading for oilfield, forestry and private clients
  3. Commercial Builds
    Commercial Builds
    Starting with foundation excavation and carrying the project through utility installs right up to grading, site/base prep and green space finishing.
  4. Utilities/Services
    We can connect any building to all essential services as well as repair services in place.
  1. Mobile Homes
    Mobile Homes
    Full mobile home setup including utilities, lot prep and gravel pad services.
  2. Foundation piles
    Foundation piles
    Screw/Helical piles engineered, supplied and installed for any type of foundation from mobile homes to commercial building grade beams and tower structures.
  3. Simple Landscaping
    Simple Landscaping
    For our commercial and utility clients we complete thousands of square feet of black dirt and sod every year.
  4. Modular Structures
    Modular Structures
    Paintearth can setup any type of modular structure on piles including all required services and site prep.
  1. Acreage and Estate
    Acreage and Estate
    Full rural private development services for your acreage or estate. Complete from first clearing brush and breaking ground to final landscaping. Everything your homebuilder of choice doesn't do.
  2. Land Clearing
    Land Clearing
    We are insured for custom land clearing and we follow all Alberta Forestry & Environment requirements.
  3. Drainage
    Paintearth can remedy any type of drainage problem from residential to rural and farm.
  4. Demolition
    Commercial and residential demolition for loss recovery or in-fill building.
Full Service
Are you a capable property owner with a discerning vision?  We would be gratefull to complete the heavy excavation work while leaving the light and sometimes more fun work for you. We can assist in any capacity you see fit and then offer advice on how to properly finish your project.
We offer full site development services.  We can take your project from concept to completion.  Pulling applicable permits.  Hiring all subcontractors, providing quotes, scheduling work and addressing budget options/concerns.
If you have already hired a general contractor and haven't decided on a site grading/excavation subcontractor we will be more than happy to work cohesively with your general contractor to complete the works needed on time and on budget.