Rebuilding Fort McMurray with care and diligence

The worst disaster in Alberta's history has uprooted the livelyhood of so many families.  Paintearth is doing everything we can to turn this misfortune into an opportunity to rebuild better than before.
We are working with many modular and stick built home builders providing basement excavation and utility install services.  What sets us apart from any other site prep contractor in Fort McMurray is our full service mobile home lot prep.  We specialize in taking your lot from the demo'd state to ready for delivery.  We fully assess every lot and provide a report for your insurance adjuster that details all work needed.  Including repairs to all underground services and rebuilding to rough grade  to bring the lot back to a proper drainage as per the RMWB approved drainage plan.  We also install engineered screw piles and gravel pads as per the national CSA Z240 MH (mobile home) building code.  We can work for the homeowner, mobile dealer or directly for your insurance company.  Don't put your new home on top of work done by contractors that don't work by the code, call Paintearth and be confident that your new home sits on a problem free lot.
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Our first mobile home as part of the Fort McMurray rebuild started with the demo/cleanup in mid September last fall.  We worked through every part of the process with the homeowner until they were in their home in mid October.  The family faced a total loss (as did so many others) when they first called us and said that they needed someone to prioritize their rebuild because the new home they purchased was sitting on the sales lot and ready for delivery. 

Paintearth completed the cleanup and immediately started on the lot prep.  The home was being repositioned on the lot so we started with removing the old piles that were in conflict with the new ones.  We then installed all new water and sewer services with R12 insulated risers, trucked in fill dirt to replace what was removed in the demo and fixed the rough grade.  With the lot prep done we prepped the gravel pad and installed new screw piles.  After all that the home was very quickly delivered.  Once the home was in position we ditch for ATCO and Telus.  With the home hooked up to all services and functioning properly the family was quickly unloading new furniture and settling in. 

The picture you see here was right after the first snow of last fall and they already had the "man shed" up.  We're not sure if this was the first re-occupancy after total loss in Fort McMurray but we know it's very close. 

On many of our rebuild lot preps we've not only fixed all the problems caused by the fire and demo but we've found and fixed problems that existed before the fire.  Paintearth is here to see you through to completion of your new beginning!
What to watch out for with your mobile home rebuild:
  • The water and sewer usually cannot be repaired from the surface and must be excavated.  The city does not own these lines on your property and it's up to you to repair.
  • Your old screw piles might still be buried in the ground if you didn't pay extra for removal.  Most demo contractors' base package only included cut and bury.
  • ATCO, Telus and Shaw require the homeowner to pay for trenching on the property.
  • The demolition may have needed to remove a lot of dirt to get rid of all the contaminants.  If this isn't replaced your lot will always have water pooling.
  • The CSA Z240 building code has changed a lot since 2014, make sure your contractor is up to date with the new requirements.
  • If you are buying a "turn key" package from your builder it may not include any of this work as it is not typical to a normal mobile home build, if you need it included on your insurance make sure you ask.